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The Pool Works is a Certified Commercial Pool Builder based in Pinellas County Florida
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    public support for or recommendation of a particular cause or policy.
    Synonyms: support for, backing of, promotion of, Championing of.

    "It's one thing to service an industry, it's another to be a voice promoting a
    platform of ethics and safety"  Donald Ball, President
    Florida Safe Pools is a water safety campaign established by Florida Suncoast Safe
    Kids Coalition led by All Children's Hospital. Florida leads the nation in drowning deaths
    for children under 5 years old; we have learned that most young children gain access to
    the pool when least expected. Florida Safe Pools  promotes the use of multiple "layers
    of protection" (barriers and alarms) to help parents and guardians keep their children
    safe.  This campaign is made possible by a Florida Department of Health Bureau of
    EMS matching grant.
    Safe Kids Worldwide is a global organization dedicated to protecting kids from
    unintentional injuries; the number one cause of death to children in the United States.  
    Throughout the world, almost one million children die of injuries each year.
    We work to accomplish our mission of keeping children safe from preventable injury in
    three (3) important ways: Research, Public Policy and Education and awareness
    programs. All of these areas work together to ensure that we reach as many children
    and families as possible with the information they need to keep their kids safe.
    The Florida Swimming Pool Association serves a the coordinating organization for 16
    local FSPA chapters. FSPA provides government relations representation on behalf of its
    members to the Florida Building Commission and the Construction Industry Licensing
    Board as well as other legislative bodies that regulate the swimming pool industry in
    Florida such as the Department of health.  The association provides educational course
    for industry professionals, produces an annual industry trade show and acts as the
    consumer resource for finding reliable professionals in the swimming pool industry.

    FSPA Members are swimming pool builders, swimming pool service professionals,
    swimming pool retail stores and other professions related to swimming pools. There are
    16 chapters across the state which are broken down by county.
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