Charles Weaver is a Field Supervisor for The Pool Works of Florida
Donald Ball is the President of The Pool Works of Florida
Jack Pink is the Vice President of Sales for The Pool Works of Florida
State of Florida Certified Commercial Pool Builder • License # CPC1457968
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The Pool Works is a Certified Commercial Pool Builder based in Pinellas County Florida
Water Splash divider. The Pool Works is your only Commercial pool service you will need in all of Tampa Bay
The Pool Works of Florida has a professional service team. Commercial pool repair, refinishing and building is what The Pool Works is best known for
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Sandi Ball is the Vice Presidnet of The Pool Works of Florida
Dawn Shanley is the Vice President of Marketing at The Pool Works of Florida
Tim Shanley is a service manager for The Pool Works
Tim Shanley
Service Manager
Donald Ball Jr is a production manager at The Pool Works of Florida
Donald Ball, Jr.  Custom-Coping
Production Manager
Charles Weaver
Field Supervisor
Nickolas Ball  is a Field Supervisor for The Pool Works of Florida
Kelly Richter is a Field Supervisor for The Pool Works of Florida
Brian Wildridge is a Field Supervisor for The Pool Works of Florida
Nickolas Ball
Field Supervisor
Kelly Richter
Field Supervisor
Brian Wildridge
Field Supervisor
Over the past 17 years The Pool Works has grown to become one of the leading commercial pool, spa and deck specialists in the Tampa Bay area. We
have developed methodologies to ensure that each project is performed following a specific process, providing our customers a quality job regardless of
scope and geography. We work with the industry’s top manufacturers, providing you with the best materials available for your project. Our skilled team
works to ensure that your job is done the right way, the first time.

We have steadily grown the competencies of the company, leveraging the latest trends and innovations, giving our customers a large portfolio of options
for their projects. Our design-build team will assist you in creating a vision that is cross-functionally aesthetic and astonishing. The company’s leadership
team brings a variety of skill and talent.

The Pool Works engages each customer, understanding their needs, creating a project scope that drives a finished product they will be confident of.
Project leaders look for certain attributes in a vendor and they will find them in our company. As an industry leader, the management team is active in
various associations and safety programs. We believe that you should be involved and socially conscious!
Don Ball, President

Don has over 28 years of industry experience. He gained his knowledge and expertise hands-on, starting in the field and
eventually became the owner of The Pool Works. He has been a licensed contractor for 21 years and is a leader in the Florida
pool industry as a Board Member of the Florida Spa and Pool Association where he serves as acting Treasurer of the West
Coast Chapter. He is the representative to the state Builders Council and Commercial Advisory Board, a voting member of the
ASTM sub-committee to develop product safety standards for swimming pools, Co-chair of the Florida Safe Pools advocacy
program led by Safe Kids Coalition along with All Children's Hospital advocating water safety and pool safety via child barriers.

Sandi Ball, Vice President

Sandi has 23 years of industry experience and has been instrumental in the day-to-day operations of the business. Working
alongside her husband, President Don Ball, Sr., her unique skill set has helped The Pool Works of Florida become the
company that it is today. She is an active member of the Florida Spa and Pool Association and is an advocate of water safety
and pool safety via child barriers.

Jack Pink, VP of Sales

Jack has 20 years of industry experience. Over the course of 12 years he had been a Field Inspector and then as the Program
Supervisor for the Pinellas County Health Department. He is an industry expert with respect to the Florida Administrative Code
64E-9, Standards for Public Swimming Pools/Spas and Bathing Places. His vast knowledge of the 64E-9 code has made him
an instrumental part of code revisions over the last 15 years. His knowledge also includes hands-on experience building,
modifying and resurfacing pools, spas and decks.

Dawn Shanley, VP Marketing

Dawn has a diverse 26 year background which includes marketing, branding solutions, strategic sales, operations and
management. She develops strategies to manage and communicate corporate competencies, while implementing new
capabilities to diversify and strengthen market influence.
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